Sharon Song Nagao

Sharon Nagao

Basic Information for Sharon Nagao
Maiden Name  Sharon Young Wha Song
Born November 21, 1953 @ Honolulu, HI (Kapiolani Hospital)
To Parents  Hyun Sil Song (Maiden Kang)  & Ok Mun Song
Siblings Sister: Jin Sook
Brother: Gary Song
Married To  Greg Nagao
Children  Nicholas Satoshi Nagao & Christopher Yukio Nagao


XX – XX Aiea Elementary
XX – XX Aiea Intermediate (7th & 8th Grade)
XX – XX Washington Intermediate (9th Grade)
XX – XX McKinley High School (Graduated 1971 #64 out of 800)
XX – XX University of Hawaii
XX – XX San Francisco State University.  Degree in Biology in 1979




Grew Up In Aiea, HI (4th Grade – College)

Favorite Color: Blue (From Forever)


- Aiea Elementary

- Aiea Intermediate (7th & 8th Grade)

- Washington Intermediate (9th Grade)

- McKinley High School (Graduated 1971 #64 out of 800)

- University of Hawaii

- San Francisco State University.  Degree in Biology in 1979

Lived In

1953: Born in Aiea, HI

1954 -1956: Korea

1956 – 1977:  Aiea, HI (Until 24 yrs old)

  • Aiea School Friends: Joann Shimomura, Carlyn Ogawa, Susan Doi,
  • McKinley Friends: Colleen Hara, Pamela Sakihara, Kathy Tong, Gale Wakatsuki, Marion, Janice Maeda, Louis (Lolo), Marion Higa, Alison Ibara, Diane Uchima
  • 1972: Joined Phi Sigma Rho
  • Sorority Friends: Lily Kawaharaea, Sharon Saito, Norma Nakamura
  • Work Friends: Ellery Hahn (While students at UH)…Working as a lab assistant at the hospital (Leahi Hospital) while Ellery was working as an admin assistant.

Meeting Greg

  • Met Greg Nagao when he came home the Summer of 1975.
  • First Movie With Greg: Jaws (1975?)

1977 – 1980:  Northern California

– 1977 – 1979: San Francisco – Transfered to San Francisco State to be closer to Greg.  Major at that time was Japanese…Later changed back to Biology.

– 1979 – 1980: Stockton

1980 – 1982: Owings Mills, Maryland

1981 – 1996: Austin, TX

1996 – 2007: Lexington, MA

2007 – Current: Southern California (Orange, CA)


- Living in Orange, CA

- Works for Capital Group (Aug 6, 2007

Favorite Passtime: Shopping


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